Simple Snail (simple_snail) wrote in astral_travel,
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Has anyone in this community had an out of body experience or astral travel experience in which they saw something or experienced something that proved that they had indeed left their body?
To me that would be the ultimate experience. I'd love to hear about it.
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For me, being a skeptic, I usually go visit someone on the astral plane and then the next day will ask them to tell me what happened to make sure it matches what I remember. Thats usually the most unquestionable way to check that you did indeed project.
That's amazing. I've only found myself sort of hanging over the ground near a neighbor's chain link fence. It was a bizarre experience, but I honestly do not know if it was some sort of out of body experience or lucid dream that I had. Unfortunately there was no one I could ask.
What I remember most is how up-close I was viewing the ground and the rocks.

If you have a post about your experiences can you share the date or link on this community so I can find it to read?

Idk if I've ever really posted about my projections. Mostly, I've given people advice since projecting seemed to just be a natural talent of mine.

There's definitely a difference b/w lucid dreaming and projecting. In lucid dreaming, yes everything is very vivd and you're in control, but if you're projecting into the physical plane - you cna't change you're surroundings. They exists its the world that you're in, but in a lucid dream you can control everything - depending on your experience, skill level, and lucidity within the dream. Also, projecting is literally leaving your body you separate and that feels different than dreaming. Sometimes I can both see what I'm doing astrally and like my room because I'm in two places and when you come back to your body there's a unifying feeling. Idk, people say all the time " Idk if I projected or if it was a dream" and I am guilty of that too, hence why I check in with someone, but truth of the matter is that they feel different.

I don't check lj very much, but if you have any questions you can aim me at
Thanks for that info. My experience was so short I never had time to differentiate between lucid or astral.
But I just realized something. When I "see" things ridiculously close to my face in a dream, it is usually the prelude to a psychic experience via a dream.
Have you ever had any very close visual dream experiences?
I don't think I've dreamt of something ridiculously close to my face, no. Then again, I'm not prone to precognition.
(I strongly feel and think so)