drunkonhim (drunkonhim) wrote in astral_travel,

hi... i'm a bit nervous here

so... this has been happening to me ever since i was a kid. i could feel myself floating whenever i slept and i would be able to look down and see myself lying there. its hard to explain, but i could always feel myself pulling away from my body and i could feel myself whenever i go back in. for years, i didn't really know what it was until my mom said that its been happening to her for years as well. i don't know if its astral projection or not, but i can feel myself go out of my body (one night i even caught myself going back in). its been happening a lot more lately, and i'm just wondering if there is a way to control it or is it just random?
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Grounding meditation might help. But you could also just relax and enjoy it.

That's really neat that you experienced that. And yes you were astral projecting. All of us leave our body and enter the astral plane when we go to sleep at night, it's just that we are not aware of it because we are dreaming. You were aware of it, you knew you were outside your body which makes it an astral projection. It's also normal to notice yourself go back into your body because we all do that every morning, but like before, most of us are not aware of that process.

Were you ever aware of what happened after leaving your body? Did you ever go anywhere?

It is possible to control it, but it takes practice. You need to build up your concentration. Concentration and sleep is what is needed for astral projection.

I do recommend this free course that I've taken because it explains everything you need to know about astral projection. It's really great. It really teaches you every thing you know to learn to astral project, and even how the astral plane works.

Here's the link: http://www.gnosticweb.com/dreams-and-obes-course

I hope it's ok that I post this link here...
thank you very much. this is very helpful :)

its good that i can finally get an answer for these things. when i try to bring it up to my friends, they just look at me like i'm crazy. and sometimes i was aware of a few things. like i would be in another room, in my yard, or one time i was walking down the dirt road near my house. it was kinda scary at first lol.

but again, thank you very much for your help. i will check out that link

I'm happy to hear it was helpful! Yes, it's hard to talk to people about it. They don't understand because they haven't experienced it. It sounds like you've had a few astral projections already. You can work on having more of them and also to remember more of them, and see things more clearly when you're in the astral. There's so much to learn, to explore and experience. The astral is so so amazing. Anything is possible there. Everything is more magical when you know about it :)

It's normal to be a bit scared at first. New, unfamiliar things tend to be a bit frightening. But the astral is very safe. We're a lot safer there than here :)

Best of luck with your practices! By the way, you can order the astral book that compliments the free course now if you want. It's not free though, but it might be nice to start reading about astral projection now because I don't think the free course starts up again until January. Here's the link: http://absolutepublishingpress.com/when-I-go-to-sleep