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not a newbie to--------- o.o.b.e......... lol :)

Hello everyone,
I want to share some of my experiences i have had with astral travel.
It started for me quite spontaneously actually while i was still a young boy.
One night when i was about 7 i saw a small figure come into my room and the way i described it back then was i saw E.T. [that movie had just come out].
This figure never came close enough for me to see exact features but it was hooded in a cloak.
anyway... after that night some weeks later i had my first O.O.B.E

I got out of my bed one night and was heading for the bathroom,the strange thing was i don't remember actually physically getting out of my bed!
I woke up and next thing i know i was standing up at the side of my bed.
Thinking this was very strange i looked back at my bed behind me and that's when i saw my own body still under the sheets!
My facial expression was very relaxed on my physical body in bed ....
[years later i recalled my facial expression and related it to a dead person ]
I know that sounds morbid but i guess my facial muscles were just extremely relaxed.
When i saw this i got very frightened and spun my head away from this sight to find out i was now floating in mid-air at my bedroom door across the room instantaneously.
I no longer felt the urge to use the bathroom but decided to go to that room anyway because it had a mirror.
It was just around the corner to the right so i floated in and saw my SELF in the mirrors reflection.
This was a very startling sight to see.
I will describe it but not now.
I am very glad to know that a couple of members here have read Robert Monroe's books.
I am currently reading "Journey's out of the body".
Robert Monroe discusses a harbinger on page 137 that climbs onto his back.
I find this to be very interesting because i had an occurrence of a similar nature happen to me while i was trying to induce an O.O.B.E.
I will talk about more later however.
Thank you for reading.
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where have you gone? I too am not "new be" .

have u excersiced it lately?
:] Jess