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Strange Occurence Last Night

Last night I went to sleep with my headphones in, and soon after I was asleep a short pig-headed being wearing a long white cloak-jacket decorated with rainbow design accents came strolling purposefully into the room towards me, never breaking stride as he jumped onto the foot of the bed and continued to where I lay in the middle. He was wearing headphones himself, and immediately grabbed my MP3 player, demanding that he “share” (take) some of my MP3s. “Free MP3s..I want to share what you have”.

As I started to struggle against his forcefulness, I began to awake. However as I started to come to I was acutely aware of a whirlpool sensation in the center of my body, as if a great rainbow-coloured energy was swirling very strongly from within my stomach, and I could also feel my axis of orientation changing, so that as it felt I had been lying at a 45 degree angle with my feet running through the bed, I now started to be pulled back to a horizontal position matching my body, and I sensed the pig being was caught up in the whirlpool, being sucked inside my center.

After taking a variety of vitamins and drinking plenty of water I’d gone to bed extra early, with a vaporizer running nearby, as I felt very weak and knew I needed more rest than usual. I haven’t been sick in at least six years, but after first waking up this morning feeling great, I now have a throbbing and stinging sensation in my left ear that lets me know I have an earache and need to go to the doctor within the hour. I don’t know if the sickness is related to this astral incident or not, but found the entire thing very mystifying. Has anyone else had a similar experience, or know what the meaning of any of this is? Thanks in advance!

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