River (alasse_wolf) wrote in astral_travel,

Astral Induction Noise

Hidoes, peoples. I've been lurking in this comm for quite a while but never really had anything worth adding until now.

I just have a question: Has anybody ever tried using one of those Astral Induction things? Basically what it is is this sound clip that has this.....I dunno...noise that you can only JUST hear, and you're supposed to listen to it with headphones because in each ear is a different frequency or whatever and the combination of the 2 frequencies is supposed to help your brain go to the proper frequency for you to be able to Astral Project. Has anybody ever tried these? And if you did, did you have any success?

Well, I downloaded one several months back but had never tried it until last night. I didn't really hold my breath on its effectiveness. But last night I finally put it on my MP3 player and gave it a shot.

It started out as a relaxation exercise. First it was just noises of waves crashing and thunder rumbling, then came on a guy's voice that talked me through a relaxation excercise. After he was done speaking, there was about another 10 (or so) minutes of the nature noises before they just stopped and on came the barely audible frequency noises.

I didn't actually Astral last night, but HOLY LORD, as soon as the noise came on, my body felt so strange, particularly around my head. I began to feel so heavy and so....detatched, I guess.

I think that that's the closest I have ever come to a conscious Astral Projection. I seriously didn't expect the Astral Induction noise to have any effect on me, but damn!

And I tried to relax and go with it, 'specially when the vibrations started, but then a fly landed on me and tickled me to the point that I **HAD** to scratch and that brought me out of it. Damn insects.

Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else has ever tried these things and, if so, then what were your results?
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