Jessica (jessicaleighxx) wrote in astral_travel,

Astral Experiences

I'm new to the comm but not new to astral projection. I have a few things to ask, and here goes: Why is it I can only astral project at a certain time? It normally happens after I've already been woke up, and I am in the living room chair, asleep. (it's early, maybe 11 ish.) I caught myself astral projecting, but it was like being inside a dream too. I floated up to my ceiling, and was being pressed against it because I could feel the ceiling against my face. It was like I was trying to float through the ceiling, but couldn't. 

Also, I think I was floating around my house, and when I realized I was floating to the ceiling, I woke up and knew it wasn't a dream. Any ideas on how I could do this in the privacy of my bedroom?
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