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Curious [16 Sep 2010|12:34am]

Has anyone in this community had an out of body experience or astral travel experience in which they saw something or experienced something that proved that they had indeed left their body?
To me that would be the ultimate experience. I'd love to hear about it.
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[17 Mar 2010|05:23pm]

Yesterday and today for the first time I tried to astral project consciously.
Unfortunately both times I got too distracted by outside noises to continue but..

Yesterday I reached a stage where my body was paralyzed, but I could still hear. Should I have been in an even deeper trance state than this? I couldn't move my arms or legs willingly, but that eventually passed when someone came downstairs and I "woke" up.

Also both times I listened to binaural beats the whole time I was trying it, is this bad or not? :/

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Relax and Remember... [07 Jan 2010|11:02pm]

[ mood | energetic ]

Hi guys! My name's Anaghia. I'm kinda new here and I was wondering if you could help me.

I've been working with astral projection for about a year or so. I mostly travel the astral plane in my sleep more than anything else. I did it while I was awake, without knowing it, once, but I haven't been able to do so since that one time. So if you guys could give me a few tips on doing it while fully or partially awake (i.e- how to fully relax enough to get into a technique, or the technique itself), I'd appreciate it.

But what I'm really concerned about is actually remembering what I did while I was out. So far I've only been able to involuntarily remember small snippets of my first few AP experiences, and it's kind of frustrating. I usually only voluntarily AP in my sleep if I feel energized and up to it, so I want to remember what I did on my "special" night.

So what I'm asking is this: is there an easy way to remember, or any method to it? I always keep a dream journal, pencil, and mini-flashlight handy at my bedside, so I'll be ready to write down my experiences.

Thanks for reading!

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hi... i'm a bit nervous here [18 Nov 2009|09:05pm]

so... this has been happening to me ever since i was a kid. i could feel myself floating whenever i slept and i would be able to look down and see myself lying there. its hard to explain, but i could always feel myself pulling away from my body and i could feel myself whenever i go back in. for years, i didn't really know what it was until my mom said that its been happening to her for years as well. i don't know if its astral projection or not, but i can feel myself go out of my body (one night i even caught myself going back in). its been happening a lot more lately, and i'm just wondering if there is a way to control it or is it just random?
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Hello [12 Nov 2009|08:50pm]

I'm new here.. Don't know if this community is still active but I thought I'd say hi! I'm interested in astral traveling and haven't yet been able to project. I'm still learning how to get to the point of awareness where you are physically completely relaxed and yet mind awake. I was reading about "tips" on a website and it said that it's good to imagine yourself as a feather, falling on the exhale and holding still on the inhale. This will make your mind stay awake and make your body get heavier. Also I've tried climbing the rope but I can never focus. I'm looking for friends that have a passion in astral travel or a higher awareness, so feel free to comment and add! Or just tell me about your first time travel stories.

How long did it first take you to project?

Thanks :)
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not a newbie to--------- o.o.b.e......... lol :) [16 May 2009|12:34pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Hello everyone,
I want to share some of my experiences i have had with astral travel.
It started for me quite spontaneously actually while i was still a young boy.
One night when i was about 7 i saw a small figure come into my room and the way i described it back then was i saw E.T. [that movie had just come out].
This figure never came close enough for me to see exact features but it was hooded in a cloak.
anyway... after that night some weeks later i had my first O.O.B.E

I got out of my bed one night and was heading for the bathroom,the strange thing was i don't remember actually physically getting out of my bed!
I woke up and next thing i know i was standing up at the side of my bed.
Thinking this was very strange i looked back at my bed behind me and that's when i saw my own body still under the sheets!
My facial expression was very relaxed on my physical body in bed ....
[years later i recalled my facial expression and related it to a dead person ]
I know that sounds morbid but i guess my facial muscles were just extremely relaxed.
When i saw this i got very frightened and spun my head away from this sight to find out i was now floating in mid-air at my bedroom door across the room instantaneously.
I no longer felt the urge to use the bathroom but decided to go to that room anyway because it had a mirror.
It was just around the corner to the right so i floated in and saw my SELF in the mirrors reflection.
This was a very startling sight to see.
I will describe it but not now.
I am very glad to know that a couple of members here have read Robert Monroe's books.
I am currently reading "Journey's out of the body".
Robert Monroe discusses a harbinger on page 137 that climbs onto his back.
I find this to be very interesting because i had an occurrence of a similar nature happen to me while i was trying to induce an O.O.B.E.
I will talk about more later however.
Thank you for reading.

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Yup. [22 Mar 2009|01:53am]
[ mood | high ]

Anybody here in a lucid dreamer's club in the sky?

Anybody here talk telep.?

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Strange Occurence Last Night [04 Nov 2008|10:56am]

[ mood | calm ]

Last night I went to sleep with my headphones in, and soon after I was asleep a short pig-headed being wearing a long white cloak-jacket decorated with rainbow design accents came strolling purposefully into the room towards me, never breaking stride as he jumped onto the foot of the bed and continued to where I lay in the middle. He was wearing headphones himself, and immediately grabbed my MP3 player, demanding that he “share” (take) some of my MP3s. “Free MP3s..I want to share what you have”.

As I started to struggle against his forcefulness, I began to awake. However as I started to come to I was acutely aware of a whirlpool sensation in the center of my body, as if a great rainbow-coloured energy was swirling very strongly from within my stomach, and I could also feel my axis of orientation changing, so that as it felt I had been lying at a 45 degree angle with my feet running through the bed, I now started to be pulled back to a horizontal position matching my body, and I sensed the pig being was caught up in the whirlpool, being sucked inside my center.

After taking a variety of vitamins and drinking plenty of water I’d gone to bed extra early, with a vaporizer running nearby, as I felt very weak and knew I needed more rest than usual. I haven’t been sick in at least six years, but after first waking up this morning feeling great, I now have a throbbing and stinging sensation in my left ear that lets me know I have an earache and need to go to the doctor within the hour. I don’t know if the sickness is related to this astral incident or not, but found the entire thing very mystifying. Has anyone else had a similar experience, or know what the meaning of any of this is? Thanks in advance!

Cross-posted to astralsociety

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my strange lucid dream/ astral travel [11 Aug 2008|09:36pm]
[ mood | excited ]

well i always knew what a lucid dream was, and astral projection and obe. but i never tried to expierence one. i am interested and studying witchcraft, i have been for a while. not to be confused with wicca, which is something completely different. im more of a traditionalist. anyways ever since i became interested in witchcraft, i have been waking my phychic abilities. i have been remembering my dreams 5 or 6 times out of a typical week. sooo about last night...
   it started as a lucid dream, i was aware for the first time ever that i was aware that i was dreaming. into a local park i went and i decided i wanted to fly, so i flew around a bunch of pine trees, then when i landed back on the earth, i decided i wanted to see what it would feel like to be a tree. yeah i know im weird! haha so i walked thru this 'transparent' tree and lined myself up with the trunk of the tree and suddenly i could see from every angle, i felt the wind on all my branches, and absorbed the sun on the one whole side of me. it was just amazing...
   anyways the last part of my dream was the craziest! i was in a big black void, nothing but total blackness, except for a very very very bright white light, it looked like if the sun was shining thru a window, but there was no window, just blackness and this bright white light. so i decided that i wanted to feel the light and allow the light to merge with me...so i started to lean to it but quickly backed away cuz i got scared for a brief moment, i re-assured myself that it was safe and that i would be alright...so i leaned towards the light again.... first i actually heard a buzzing sound right next to my ears, it kinda sounded almost magical, mystical, very soothing but strange. then as the light began to engulf me (from my head then downwards) i felt my head starting to shake, the slowly the rest of my body began to shake/vibrate. the light kept getting brighter and thats when i snapped out of it and i suddenly woke up gasping for air and the sound was still there but faded quickly, my body was still shaking for a second or so after i came to. i dont know what you would call what happened, but it was a very amazing expierence that i would love to embrace again, and hopefully not get frightened or woken up by the vibrations. i googled my expierence earlier today and was amazed at how many other peoples expierence was very similar to mine. well thats all for now..... sweet dreams...

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My trails... [05 Jul 2008|06:42pm]

[ mood | busy ]

So I figure since the few of you on here have pretty much said you haven't been able to project yet or have given up, it will be okay to catalog my events! I haven't reached it yet either, but it's something I pursue obsessively. I think communication is extremely helpful, especially if I could get the rest of you guys to do it with your own experiences ;) wink!

I have read Robert Monroe's first two books, which I find fantastic but very believable from a skeptical standpoint. If you haven't read them, I strongly recommend it. Can usually find them at bookstores under metaphysical or check your library.

Anyway, I practice projecting nearly every night and often during the late afternoons whenever I have the time. I use deep breathing, also counting my breaths, and then kind of a mixture of silencing my mind with some inner dialog. I usually tell myself I am relaxed, I will feel no sensations or discomfort, and will slip in to a vibrational state. If I am having a particularly stubborn time at it, I will do an entire body-relaxation routine starting with my feet and moving up. It's much like self-hypnosis and I've been wondering how well an actual self-hypnosis audio clip of myself would work? In theory I think it would work great, just haven't gotten around to trying it yet!

I've been able to induce some serious vibrations. The strongest felt as if I didn't know where my face or hands were anymore, like they were flipping around all over very fast. It was a sensation so intense I literally laughed out loud, it almost tickled like when your foot falls asleep and you nearly can't stand it but it doesn't HURT. But that doesn't happen all of the time... Anyone else experienced this?

I also want to share a few problems I've encountered.
1.> I sometimes can't stop focusing on my breathing, and it induces panic the closer I get to separation. I'm sure that my brain is freaking out in fear thinking that if I leave I'll stop breathing, so my heart rate speeds up and other assorted nonsense... it's been difficult to overcome but lots of people say that fear is the number one obstacle.

Thanks for reading guys, I hope this helps and gets some feedback!

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Anybody out there? [01 Jul 2008|11:41pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

I haven't been able to find too many communities about this subject, and that was surprising for how diverse LiveJournal is. Maybe my posts can kick-start this baby? Maybe not, lol.

I've been practicing Astral Projection for about 6 months now and it would be awesome to find some others like me to talk about it with. I've found that everybody's experiences are so unique, it's quite insightful and fun sharing experiences in this unusual aspect of reality. Feel free to send me a message if you'd like to talk or have questions, I might be able to answer them!


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Astral Induction Noise [24 Aug 2007|09:21am]

Hidoes, peoples. I've been lurking in this comm for quite a while but never really had anything worth adding until now.

I just have a question: Has anybody ever tried using one of those Astral Induction things? Basically what it is is this sound clip that has this.....I dunno...noise that you can only JUST hear, and you're supposed to listen to it with headphones because in each ear is a different frequency or whatever and the combination of the 2 frequencies is supposed to help your brain go to the proper frequency for you to be able to Astral Project. Has anybody ever tried these? And if you did, did you have any success?

Well, I downloaded one several months back but had never tried it until last night. I didn't really hold my breath on its effectiveness. But last night I finally put it on my MP3 player and gave it a shot.

It started out as a relaxation exercise. First it was just noises of waves crashing and thunder rumbling, then came on a guy's voice that talked me through a relaxation excercise. After he was done speaking, there was about another 10 (or so) minutes of the nature noises before they just stopped and on came the barely audible frequency noises.

I didn't actually Astral last night, but HOLY LORD, as soon as the noise came on, my body felt so strange, particularly around my head. I began to feel so heavy and so....detatched, I guess.

I think that that's the closest I have ever come to a conscious Astral Projection. I seriously didn't expect the Astral Induction noise to have any effect on me, but damn!

And I tried to relax and go with it, 'specially when the vibrations started, but then a fly landed on me and tickled me to the point that I **HAD** to scratch and that brought me out of it. Damn insects.

Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else has ever tried these things and, if so, then what were your results?
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Fauns and lucid dreaming... [03 Jul 2007|03:40am]

I'm sorry I rarely get a chance to post here, and I would like to see some more discussion around here. Everyone seems to have such great insight to what goes on in the metaphysical.

I just wanted to share a couple of things... Nothing really new has happened as far as astral projection. A few months ago, I tried to catch a glimpse of my newborn nephew who lives 300 miles away. Unfortunately, I ended up at my grandmother's house (just as far) stuck in a tree. It's these weird instances where I don't exactly have control, but a vague idea of what I want to happen.

But something caught my eye the other day.

I bought the Pan's Labyrinth DVD and watched the Charlie Rose interview with Guillermo del Toro. In it, he described how he originally envisioned the faun. He said that all growing up he'd seen many different things. When he said this, I knew what he was talking about. He said that as a kid, he had constant lucid dreaming.. especially when he slept over at his grandmother's house. He would wake up with the chiming of clock, and watch a faun emerge from the shadows behind the wardrobe.

Now this is particularly unnerving because this very much describes the experiences that I've posted about here. It's strange that he would describe what he saw as a faun... half man, half goat. I've only ever seen the gray humanoid sillhouette, but my aunt and my sister have both seen what they have called "the devil" or a demon. My aunt used to tell us of the gray figure of a man with hooves that would stand over her and press his weight on her. My sister would see shape of the legs that looked like they belonged to a horse.

My sister and my aunt were never into faery folklore, so the never thought to describe it as a "faun" ... I never saw goat-like features, but experienced the overbearing weight and gray man standing over me.

I know that this community is about astral projection, but we have to recognize that there are other realms out there that we just aren't aware of in waking life. I don't know... I just got really freaked out to hear that someone not in my family experienced something similar. What could it mean? Sure it could be a figment of my imagination... but there's always the possibility that these things do exist.
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Astral Experiences [09 Jan 2007|01:54am]

I'm new to the comm but not new to astral projection. I have a few things to ask, and here goes: Why is it I can only astral project at a certain time? It normally happens after I've already been woke up, and I am in the living room chair, asleep. (it's early, maybe 11 ish.) I caught myself astral projecting, but it was like being inside a dream too. I floated up to my ceiling, and was being pressed against it because I could feel the ceiling against my face. It was like I was trying to float through the ceiling, but couldn't. 

Also, I think I was floating around my house, and when I realized I was floating to the ceiling, I woke up and knew it wasn't a dream. Any ideas on how I could do this in the privacy of my bedroom?
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waking up in dreams? [12 Oct 2006|09:23am]

[ mood | curious ]

Hi all,
I was just curious if anyone regularily uses the technique of waking up in dreams for becoming lucid or even starting a conscious astral projection? In the mysticweb ccourse I did last year, it was explained to us as being one such method to have a conscious AP.
This morning I actually woke in a dream for the first time. What happened was I was checking the time on my computer and it was totally different to what time it'd been when I checked only a few minutes before. also my talking clock wasn't even working properly. it kept on saying all this weird stuff, nothing to do with time. so that's when I went to my computer, checked the time and thought "that doesn't sound right. I think I'm dreaming". then, I was just standing there and I felt really heavy but I then obviously knew I was dreaming, and I immediately tried to jump to see if I would float upwards. nothing happened. My legs instead felt very heavy and I couldn't straighten them again after bending them. Then, I completely woke up. Anyway, do you think I may have been trying too hard to jump and fly (as I'd been told to try?)
Just curious. as I say, it was the first time I'd ever been lucid, even though it was not for very long! I am not sure how I mannaged it at all. In the courses, we were told a good technique for waking in dreams is to constantly ask ourselves if we're dreaming during the day. I hadn't even been doing this but am going to try and do it again today and beyond.
Cheers! :)

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astral sight? [14 Jul 2006|08:56pm]

Hi, I'm a twenty year old female who has been totally blind since birth and I have always felt that I have been placed in the wrong body. This isn't supposed to happen! Congenitally blind people don't know what it is to see, so they shouldn't be grieving for sight. I have never met anyone in my situation.I don't think I'll ever be happy as a blind person. This was an incredibly hard realization to come to, because everyone's been telling me my whole life to "accept" blindness. My question is the following: I know that souls are not blind, and that astral projection allows you to see with astral vision. I'm not asking for miracles here, because I know that astral vision won't allow me to see the physical world, but I have the theory that if I can experience astral vision, the dissonance between my blind body and seeing soul won't be as painful. If I were to in fact achieve astral projection, would I be able to experience astral vision, and would astral vision even be useful to me? If so, what's the best method for achieving ast projection nonvisually? I've tried chanting "ani-hu," but I am terrible with meditation and relaxation (I overanalyze things, can't you tell?) so I haven't really gone anywhere. Also, I'm so preoccupied with what is happening to my body, I keep asking "is it working?) and I'm sure that is extremely counterproductive. So to are my fantasies of astral projecting into the bedroom of this woman who I like and dancing around screaming, "I did it! I astral projected!" Any advice or info on astral projection and the blind would be greatly apreciated.
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Hello all [10 Jul 2006|02:06pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I would like to introduce myself. I am a 32 year old (almost) Wiccan High Priestess and often astral travelled when I was younger. Not always consciously. I learned somehow to control it but unfortunately, I could not tell you quite how. I have not astral travelled in a long time, so I was hoping this community might help me understand astral travel a little better.

I am looking forward to reading posts and sharing my experiences.

Thanks All!!! =)

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first conscious projection? [10 Jul 2006|08:17pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hi all,
Early this morning (around 5.30 to 6) I may have had my first conscious astral projection. It's all so dream-like so it's hard to know for sure, but these things always are!
Read more...Collapse )

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feeling the vibrations? [03 Jul 2006|10:41am]

[ mood | curious ]

Hi all,
These communities have been deadly quiet of late! But anyway, I'm still trying to get astral-travelling. But something happened this morning which I'm wondering
about. I was having this dream that I was on a train going through our city loop (underground) then I woke up, well, I thought I did. I felt, what I thought
were the vibrations and at that point I was getting this voice in my head (the voice belonged to my close friend Milos who passed away last year). His
voice was saying in a strange Scotish accent (he use to use just for fun) the good and bad things about "Rachel" which is me!
Anyway as I think I've only ever experienced the vibrations before on very very few occasions that I've transitioned from sleep to awake, I again wondered
if that was what I was experiencing and at that point, I was too scared I would astral out
so they stopped, then they started again and I got too scared of trying anything again so I woke up. But then of course when I was awake it seemed very
unclear to me that it occured. My question is, because technically the body is said to be in paralysis when the vibrations occur, is it normal to wake
up and wonder if it really happened or not (the vibrations were felt at all)? (was it only a dream).
Note, the significance with my friend Milos I believe, is that I have been thinking of him a lot lately and wondering where exactly he is, etc. Been having,
what I think, is night terrors lately involving being scared that I hear his voice. really weird.
So, as i was saying before, I have not been able to get the vibrations happening consciously and even otherwise it's *not very often that I consciously
feel them, if at all, and if, again, I was feeling them for real!
I really want to astral. so how can I prevent my sleepy vague self from feeling cscared?
Hope that all made sense.
Cheers! :)

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Hello. New to the community. [16 May 2006|02:29pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I have been fascinated by astral projection for quite a while. That being said, a weird thing happened to me a couple weeks ago. I do not know if it has to do with astral projection but it made me wonder. It was about 11 pm and I was lying in bed. I was about to fall asleep when all of a sudden my vision went completely white and all I could see was white. It wasn't that my room filled with a white light but white is all I saw. Then all of a sudden I felt that my face was being sucked in like a vacuum or something. It was very frightening. My heart was also pounding. I could not breathe or scream or anything when this happened. After about a minute I "came back" to my body and everything was fine. I have concluded that there may be many reasons for this experience. For one, I was just in a serious car accident yet I sustained no injuries. Perhaps this was a near-death experience? Also not being to proud of sharing this but I have previous drug use. So I really don't know what happened but was this God trying to say something or completely different? If anyone has any advice, I'd appreciate it very much. Thanks.

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