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Relax and Remember...

Hi guys! My name's Anaghia. I'm kinda new here and I was wondering if you could help me.

I've been working with astral projection for about a year or so. I mostly travel the astral plane in my sleep more than anything else. I did it while I was awake, without knowing it, once, but I haven't been able to do so since that one time. So if you guys could give me a few tips on doing it while fully or partially awake (i.e- how to fully relax enough to get into a technique, or the technique itself), I'd appreciate it.

But what I'm really concerned about is actually remembering what I did while I was out. So far I've only been able to involuntarily remember small snippets of my first few AP experiences, and it's kind of frustrating. I usually only voluntarily AP in my sleep if I feel energized and up to it, so I want to remember what I did on my "special" night.

So what I'm asking is this: is there an easy way to remember, or any method to it? I always keep a dream journal, pencil, and mini-flashlight handy at my bedside, so I'll be ready to write down my experiences.

Thanks for reading!
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