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my strange lucid dream/ astral travel

well i always knew what a lucid dream was, and astral projection and obe. but i never tried to expierence one. i am interested and studying witchcraft, i have been for a while. not to be confused with wicca, which is something completely different. im more of a traditionalist. anyways ever since i became interested in witchcraft, i have been waking my phychic abilities. i have been remembering my dreams 5 or 6 times out of a typical week. sooo about last night...
   it started as a lucid dream, i was aware for the first time ever that i was aware that i was dreaming. into a local park i went and i decided i wanted to fly, so i flew around a bunch of pine trees, then when i landed back on the earth, i decided i wanted to see what it would feel like to be a tree. yeah i know im weird! haha so i walked thru this 'transparent' tree and lined myself up with the trunk of the tree and suddenly i could see from every angle, i felt the wind on all my branches, and absorbed the sun on the one whole side of me. it was just amazing...
   anyways the last part of my dream was the craziest! i was in a big black void, nothing but total blackness, except for a very very very bright white light, it looked like if the sun was shining thru a window, but there was no window, just blackness and this bright white light. so i decided that i wanted to feel the light and allow the light to merge with me...so i started to lean to it but quickly backed away cuz i got scared for a brief moment, i re-assured myself that it was safe and that i would be alright...so i leaned towards the light again.... first i actually heard a buzzing sound right next to my ears, it kinda sounded almost magical, mystical, very soothing but strange. then as the light began to engulf me (from my head then downwards) i felt my head starting to shake, the slowly the rest of my body began to shake/vibrate. the light kept getting brighter and thats when i snapped out of it and i suddenly woke up gasping for air and the sound was still there but faded quickly, my body was still shaking for a second or so after i came to. i dont know what you would call what happened, but it was a very amazing expierence that i would love to embrace again, and hopefully not get frightened or woken up by the vibrations. i googled my expierence earlier today and was amazed at how many other peoples expierence was very similar to mine. well thats all for now..... sweet dreams...

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