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So I figure since the few of you on here have pretty much said you haven't been able to project yet or have given up, it will be okay to catalog my events! I haven't reached it yet either, but it's something I pursue obsessively. I think communication is extremely helpful, especially if I could get the rest of you guys to do it with your own experiences ;) wink!

I have read Robert Monroe's first two books, which I find fantastic but very believable from a skeptical standpoint. If you haven't read them, I strongly recommend it. Can usually find them at bookstores under metaphysical or check your library.

Anyway, I practice projecting nearly every night and often during the late afternoons whenever I have the time. I use deep breathing, also counting my breaths, and then kind of a mixture of silencing my mind with some inner dialog. I usually tell myself I am relaxed, I will feel no sensations or discomfort, and will slip in to a vibrational state. If I am having a particularly stubborn time at it, I will do an entire body-relaxation routine starting with my feet and moving up. It's much like self-hypnosis and I've been wondering how well an actual self-hypnosis audio clip of myself would work? In theory I think it would work great, just haven't gotten around to trying it yet!

I've been able to induce some serious vibrations. The strongest felt as if I didn't know where my face or hands were anymore, like they were flipping around all over very fast. It was a sensation so intense I literally laughed out loud, it almost tickled like when your foot falls asleep and you nearly can't stand it but it doesn't HURT. But that doesn't happen all of the time... Anyone else experienced this?

I also want to share a few problems I've encountered.
1.> I sometimes can't stop focusing on my breathing, and it induces panic the closer I get to separation. I'm sure that my brain is freaking out in fear thinking that if I leave I'll stop breathing, so my heart rate speeds up and other assorted nonsense... it's been difficult to overcome but lots of people say that fear is the number one obstacle.

Thanks for reading guys, I hope this helps and gets some feedback!
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July 6 2008, 02:00:45 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  July 6 2008, 02:02:54 UTC

I've only had the beginning of such an experience. One night I awoke to feel my spirit being pulled out of my body by...well, other spirits. My mind was totally conscious and this went on for a few seconds while I laid there with my eyes open. I could not see but could feel them. Meanwhile, my body was mostly in sleep paralysis. I could move my body if I wanted to but I felt so tired and heavy that it was not fun to even think of trying. It didn't scare me that much until afterward so then I didn't go back to sleep all night. ...So, it was not a dream. I should explain that this occurred the night after I asked to have an OBE. I will sometimes make requests to god or guardian angels, whatever may me looking out for me.
Other times I have fluttered out a bit. I've even walked to the bathroom in the middle of the night feeling halfway out of my body, hanging sideways. And I've learned to observe the sensations that arise as I am falling asleep. But I have not successfully talked myself out of my body where I roll over or the like, and consciously make an exit.
I have read tons of accounts on such experiences and recently read a book by Monroe. My complaint about him is that he does not write clearly enough at times.

Oh, I have also seen through my eyelids shortly after getting into bed for sleep. This happened years ago when I didn't know anything about this subject and was extremely skeptical about anything spiritual. So, yeah, just introductory experiences that let me know this phenomenon is real...
When the spirit (astral body or whatever you prefer) starts loosening it does this volatile sort of dance some of it feeling like vibrations. I do know what you mean. In recent months and very much so in the last couple of days around meditation and sleep time I've been observing that feeling like flipping over inside, flapping, twirling. All sorts of odd sensations one normally takes for granted but to some degree has always felt at such times, albeit mostly unconsciously. Scientists can't explain all this. They just make goofy guesses at why these sensations occur.
I know what you mean. I've reached a point where I've realized that science can only 'reveal' something to the public when A: it can be completely proven enough to satiate everyone's demands for proof, and B: when the public is READY for it.

This is a strange concept to think about, like how many people knew that the world was round long before science actually revealed it to the world? Yet these people were most likely ostracized from the majority and viewed as extremists or 'wackos.'
This happens on a daily basis with modern science and western thought, it's also very evident in our modern medical practices slowly but surely admitting that a lot of eastern philosophies and practices that were thought of as 'esoteric' or 'primitive' are actually very real. Yet even in this, you will see them labeled with spiffy modern-medical names and introduced as some marvelous scientific breakthrough when in fact older cultures have known about them for centuries.

We can be so ignorant if we allow ourselves to be =)
Well said. I try to be patient with them about this since I know your average person doesn't have that inner strength to accept radical changes to their paradigm and definitely not the fortitude to question or poke around in it. Not wonder! What is that for? hehe
Don't worry about the breathing thing. You will gradually be aware that you have moved on beyond that particular focus.

There is a caution that you might want to be attentive to. Many tims when we leave our bodies, we leave them vulnerable. If you are experiencing spirits trying to pull you out of your body, that is a strong signal to stop what you are doing for a while, and seek out a remedy to those spirits' activity.

Unfortunately, there are so many folks out there who are experimenting with astral travel. Unfortunately, they do not have a good background and hardly know what to look for, let alone know anything about what they may encounter. Be careful. And learn everything you can about astral travel before you actually practice the craft. It will save you a tremendous amount of pain later on.

Ive had problems with breathing too... and I agree that fear is the most hindering aspect.

I have found the few times ive come close to projection was while in lucid dreams. I would realize im dreaming and decide I want to project. Its probably the easiest place to do it from, because all your bodies functions are automatic while asleep. But you cant exactly plan it :( and also, I have never had a successful projection, so yeah :P
I think I know the vibrations of which you are speaking...

Do you have much sickle cells in it?