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Fauns and lucid dreaming...

I'm sorry I rarely get a chance to post here, and I would like to see some more discussion around here. Everyone seems to have such great insight to what goes on in the metaphysical.

I just wanted to share a couple of things... Nothing really new has happened as far as astral projection. A few months ago, I tried to catch a glimpse of my newborn nephew who lives 300 miles away. Unfortunately, I ended up at my grandmother's house (just as far) stuck in a tree. It's these weird instances where I don't exactly have control, but a vague idea of what I want to happen.

But something caught my eye the other day.

I bought the Pan's Labyrinth DVD and watched the Charlie Rose interview with Guillermo del Toro. In it, he described how he originally envisioned the faun. He said that all growing up he'd seen many different things. When he said this, I knew what he was talking about. He said that as a kid, he had constant lucid dreaming.. especially when he slept over at his grandmother's house. He would wake up with the chiming of clock, and watch a faun emerge from the shadows behind the wardrobe.

Now this is particularly unnerving because this very much describes the experiences that I've posted about here. It's strange that he would describe what he saw as a faun... half man, half goat. I've only ever seen the gray humanoid sillhouette, but my aunt and my sister have both seen what they have called "the devil" or a demon. My aunt used to tell us of the gray figure of a man with hooves that would stand over her and press his weight on her. My sister would see shape of the legs that looked like they belonged to a horse.

My sister and my aunt were never into faery folklore, so the never thought to describe it as a "faun" ... I never saw goat-like features, but experienced the overbearing weight and gray man standing over me.

I know that this community is about astral projection, but we have to recognize that there are other realms out there that we just aren't aware of in waking life. I don't know... I just got really freaked out to hear that someone not in my family experienced something similar. What could it mean? Sure it could be a figment of my imagination... but there's always the possibility that these things do exist.
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