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waking up in dreams?

Hi all,
I was just curious if anyone regularily uses the technique of waking up in dreams for becoming lucid or even starting a conscious astral projection? In the mysticweb ccourse I did last year, it was explained to us as being one such method to have a conscious AP.
This morning I actually woke in a dream for the first time. What happened was I was checking the time on my computer and it was totally different to what time it'd been when I checked only a few minutes before. also my talking clock wasn't even working properly. it kept on saying all this weird stuff, nothing to do with time. so that's when I went to my computer, checked the time and thought "that doesn't sound right. I think I'm dreaming". then, I was just standing there and I felt really heavy but I then obviously knew I was dreaming, and I immediately tried to jump to see if I would float upwards. nothing happened. My legs instead felt very heavy and I couldn't straighten them again after bending them. Then, I completely woke up. Anyway, do you think I may have been trying too hard to jump and fly (as I'd been told to try?)
Just curious. as I say, it was the first time I'd ever been lucid, even though it was not for very long! I am not sure how I mannaged it at all. In the courses, we were told a good technique for waking in dreams is to constantly ask ourselves if we're dreaming during the day. I hadn't even been doing this but am going to try and do it again today and beyond.
Cheers! :)
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