tasha18 (tasha18) wrote in astral_travel,

astral sight?

Hi, I'm a twenty year old female who has been totally blind since birth and I have always felt that I have been placed in the wrong body. This isn't supposed to happen! Congenitally blind people don't know what it is to see, so they shouldn't be grieving for sight. I have never met anyone in my situation.I don't think I'll ever be happy as a blind person. This was an incredibly hard realization to come to, because everyone's been telling me my whole life to "accept" blindness. My question is the following: I know that souls are not blind, and that astral projection allows you to see with astral vision. I'm not asking for miracles here, because I know that astral vision won't allow me to see the physical world, but I have the theory that if I can experience astral vision, the dissonance between my blind body and seeing soul won't be as painful. If I were to in fact achieve astral projection, would I be able to experience astral vision, and would astral vision even be useful to me? If so, what's the best method for achieving ast projection nonvisually? I've tried chanting "ani-hu," but I am terrible with meditation and relaxation (I overanalyze things, can't you tell?) so I haven't really gone anywhere. Also, I'm so preoccupied with what is happening to my body, I keep asking "is it working?) and I'm sure that is extremely counterproductive. So to are my fantasies of astral projecting into the bedroom of this woman who I like and dancing around screaming, "I did it! I astral projected!" Any advice or info on astral projection and the blind would be greatly apreciated.
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