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first conscious projection?

Hi all,
Early this morning (around 5.30 to 6) I may have had my first conscious astral projection. It's all so dream-like so it's hard to know for sure, but these things always are!

I was going to try and practice again when I went to bed but quickly dismissed the idea with the thought that I may be too fearful as it's totally pitch black. So I just went to sleep. I seemed to fully wake for a while (didn't check the time, but maybe it was about five AM). stayed awake tossing and turning for a while, then gradually started drifting again. Not sure at this point if I fell asleep but I became aware of vibrations and it seemed as though I was fully awake at the time. anyway I mannaged to break free from them, I was then too scared of sleep in case I'd feel them again. Sure enough I did (not sure how long after). and they were really pricking the two sides of my nose. But this time, for some reason, instead of getting out of these, or perhaps before I could even try, I noticed that my head followed by hand had lifted up. (during the misticweb course I did last year) they had said to pull our finger to see if it stretches, so I did. I thought it had stretched a bit. I had my head lifted up and could see a bit of morning light through the crack under my blinds beside my bed. I tried to fully sit up but couldn't and woke up (I thought). But then I felt vibrations again and think I rolled out. I ran a few steps from my bed (and was aware of hearing footsteps). then I woke again (maybe?) and thought "I should try this on my back since I heard some say it was easier to get out" so I rolled on my back (again so I thought, and I felt vibrations almost straight away. For some reason, I imagined floating upwards. And I was aware of myself standing next to my bed again. I ran for a little way and could hear footsteps, (I thought this was strange as I didn't think we'd hear ourselves walking in the astral) anyway, when I got to my doorway, I thought I'd turn around and see if I can feel my body on the bed (as I recalled others saying they can see their body on the bed). but I woke up then on my side (as I always sleep). No more after that; just a few normal dreams.
It confused me because as with feeling vibrations before, I never knew whether I was dreaming or not. it seemed extremely vague again. though as I say, I seemed to be awake right up until and during the vibrations (ie. I seemed conscious of my thoughts).
What do you make of this? do you think it sounded like conscious projections?
People say the astral is more realistic than the physical but it's not how it was for me obviously. do you think that maybe it was because it was my first time and as someone replied the other day, the brain isn't use to this so it will question it.
Cheers! :)
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