RACHEL DIANNE (rdfreak) wrote in astral_travel,

feeling the vibrations?

Hi all,
These communities have been deadly quiet of late! But anyway, I'm still trying to get astral-travelling. But something happened this morning which I'm wondering
about. I was having this dream that I was on a train going through our city loop (underground) then I woke up, well, I thought I did. I felt, what I thought
were the vibrations and at that point I was getting this voice in my head (the voice belonged to my close friend Milos who passed away last year). His
voice was saying in a strange Scotish accent (he use to use just for fun) the good and bad things about "Rachel" which is me!
Anyway as I think I've only ever experienced the vibrations before on very very few occasions that I've transitioned from sleep to awake, I again wondered
if that was what I was experiencing and at that point, I was too scared I would astral out
so they stopped, then they started again and I got too scared of trying anything again so I woke up. But then of course when I was awake it seemed very
unclear to me that it occured. My question is, because technically the body is said to be in paralysis when the vibrations occur, is it normal to wake
up and wonder if it really happened or not (the vibrations were felt at all)? (was it only a dream).
Note, the significance with my friend Milos I believe, is that I have been thinking of him a lot lately and wondering where exactly he is, etc. Been having,
what I think, is night terrors lately involving being scared that I hear his voice. really weird.
So, as i was saying before, I have not been able to get the vibrations happening consciously and even otherwise it's *not very often that I consciously
feel them, if at all, and if, again, I was feeling them for real!
I really want to astral. so how can I prevent my sleepy vague self from feeling cscared?
Hope that all made sense.
Cheers! :)
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